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Chitosan Applications 

Key Properties

  • Biodegradable

  • Natural & Non-Toxic

  • Antimicrobial

  • Cationic

  • Lubricating

  • Protective Porous Film Forming

  • Hemostatic

  • Emulsifying

  • Thickening

  • Biocompatible


Health & Personal Care Industry

  • Dietary supplement for entrapping ingested fats and lowering cholesterol

  • Used as thickener and emulsifier

  • Natural dietary fiber

  • Antibacterial agent

  • Artificial Skin for wounds

  • Wound Healing

  • Porous Film forming

  • Contact Lenses

  • Improve hair shine and softness

  • Facial cleansing and moisturing soap

Food Industry

  • Texture enhancement

  • Food preservation Link: (1) 

  • Enhanced protein recovery for food processing plants

  • Odor reducing agent in factories

  • Fining of wine Link: (1)

Agricultural Industry

  • Eco-friendly soil conditioner

  • Elicitor to stimulate plant growth

  • Animal feed additive to improve feed performance and speed up growth rate for poultry

  • Reduce water pollution from feed by coating

  • Odor reducing agent in farms

  • Water Treatment & clarification Link: (1) (2) (3) 

  • Seed Coating to improve germination


Chitosan in aquaculture

  • Feed coating to increase efficency and stability

  • Use of chitosan in a catalyst for growth

  • Use of chitosan in the optimization molting

  • Use of chitosan for the immune enhancing

  • Use of chitosan in the improvement of aquaculture wastewater

  • Use of phytoplankton control and removal in culture ponds 

  • Use of increasing the survival rate and stress tolerance of larva


Other Industries

  • Swimming pool clarifier

  • Odor reducing agent in clothes and more

  • Paper properties improvement e.g. Strength, water resistance & reduce bleeding

  • Binding agent for reconstituted tobacco

  • Antibacterial agent clothing and fabric dying enhancement

  • Tissue engineering

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