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Grow Active

Grow Active - Chitosan

Grow Active Chitosan is a special formular which we have developed for the benefit of farmers and anyone who loves planting. Formulated with high concentration of our high purity food grade chitosan. It can be used with commercial crops, ornamental plants and fruit trees. It promotes disease resistance in plants and helps to condition soil. 


Key Benefits

  1. Helps condition the soil for planting. Strengthen the roots Controlled release of minerals and nutrients to the plant.

  2. Used for coating seeds to improve germination.

  3. Stimulate plant growth and reduces usage of fertilizers.

  4. Increases strength and resistance to diseases. Suppresses plant diseases, such as viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.

  5. GrowActive Chitosan is a powerful Cation which is 100% Natural and Non-Toxic.

  6. Increase over all productivity and yield

Usage Direction

  1. Soil conditioning can be performed using 500ml of GrowActive Chitosan with 200Liters of clean water. Apply to soil until moist. Be sure to check that soil pH is about 5.5 - 7.

  2. To increase chance of successful germination, mix 1Liter of GrowActive with 10Liters of clean water. Allow to soak for 1 hour then remove from solution and allow to dry. This will create a special film coating to protect the seeds from insects and fungus attacks.

  3. For fertilizer enhancement mix 500ml of GrowActive Chitosan with 1Liter of water and evenly mix with 100kg of fertilizer then allow chitosan to dry. The fertilizer is now enhanced with controlled release properties of nutrients and at the same time conditioning the soil to improve water retension.

  4. For plants with disease mix 100 to 150ml of GrowActive Chitosan with 20Liters of clean water before mixing with necessary chemicals to solve plant disease and apply by foliar. Always apply together with medicine to prolonged effect of medicine.

  5. Use for seed coating to increase germination for every type of seed Direction : Soak the seeds in mixed solution for a period of 12-24 hours before sowing seeds in soil. Mixing Ratio - Grow Active 20 ml : Water 20 Liter

  6. Foliar application for vegetables, crop, flowering plants, ornamental plants: Direction : Apply chitosan by spraying on leaves and stems every 7-10 days after planting until harvest time.

  7. Foliar application for Fruit Trees : Recommend Foliar feeding in the morning or evening every 7-10 days. Mixing Ratio - Grow Active 30 ml : Water 20 Liter

  8. Rice Farming Application Soak seeds with Grow Active before sowing. After 14 days apply Grow Active by spraying lightly. Reapply when rice is 1, 2 & 4 months old. Application time should be in morning hours or evenings. Mixing Ratio - Grow Active 40 ml : Water 20 Liter


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OEM Service

Today chitosan demand for use with agriculture is strong as there have been many researches reports which supports the benefits of chitosan usage as we as many success stories for farmers.  Therefore, we also provide OEM service for customers who would like to make their own brand of liquid chitosan and help in promoting greener agriculture.  Our production is GMP certified by Thai FDA which shows our attention quality no matter which grade of product. Our experts are ready to provide information, support and documentations as required. Contact us for offer now!


Color Range

Viscosity Range

Product Code








Viscosity (cPs)








Turbidity (NTU)

      < 30                  

      < 30

      < 30

      < 30

      < 30

      < 30

      < 30 

Natural Color


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